What Could Shoulder Pain Indicate?

Nothing slows you down like an injury to the shoulder. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, it is imperative that you get it checked out by a medical professional. While shoulder pain could indicate a strain, there is also the chance that it stems from a bigger problem that needs medical attention. Only a physician will be able to tell the reason for your pain and what can be done to get you back in good health. At VNC Orthopedic Clinic we are caring medical professionals who specialize in shoulder injuries. We will evaluate the cause of your pain and design a treatment plan that will get you on the mend.

One of the most common reasons for shoulder pain is overuse of the arm. Unfortunately, most overuse injuries don't go away on their own. Some of the most common overuse injuries include rotator cuff injuries or a lateral tear in the shoulder. If we determine that overuse or an injury such as a fall has led to your pain, we will map out a plan to get your shoulder healed and strengthened. Shoulder pain doesn't always occur as the result of trauma.

Aging also plays a role and could be the cause for your pain. As we age, bone spurs tend to form in the shoulder area and muscles can weaken, both of which cause discomfort. If we determine that these factors are contributing to your shoulder pain, we will have you work with one of our therapists to strengthen the muscles and prevent the wear and tear that comes with age.

Not all shoulder pain requires surgery to fix the problem. In some cases, rest and physical therapy is all that is needed to heal the shoulder. At our VNC Orthopaedic Clinic we are able to evaluate the best course of action for you. Whatever the cause of your pain, it is important that you don't let it go untreated. Give a call to VNC Orthopedic Clinic (Best Orthopedic Clinic in Jayanagar Bangalore) today at +91 9482583335 and let our physicians give you the treatment you need and get you on the mend.