Sports Injury Prevention and Treatment

A sports injury can be very common in the world of sports. VNC Orthopaedic Clinic would like to discuss the sports injuries in this blog, and offer prevention tips and how we would treat your sports injury. A sports injury can be a burden on any athlete, and can be very bothersome in cold weather environments.

Sports Injury Treatment in Jayanagar Bangalore

Follow these Tips to Prevent a Sports Injury on the Slopes

1. Start with conditioning exercises

2. Regularly check your equipment

3. Wear protective equipment

4. Get proper instruction/training

5. Take breaks & stay hydrated

Common Sports Injuries and Prevention Tips

Rib Injuries– Wear correct protective gear when playing contact sports or high impact sports.

Ankle Injuries– Stretch the muscles and ligaments in your feet and ankles and use braces if you feel your ankles are weak.

Broken Bones– Practice good form and technique to prevent broken bones.

Torn Ligaments– Stretch and warm up your ligaments with short jogs.

Knee Injuries– Stretch and warm up your knee to get it use to the movements needed in your sports.

Concussions– Wear protective head gear during impact sports

At VNC Orthopaedic Clinic we treat every patient with a sports injury like a professional, because we know, like professionals; you want to get back into your sport as fast as possible. Sports injuries such as; Knee, Shoulder and ankle injuries need to be evaluated for torn ligaments, fractures and sprains, but physical therapy would help get you back in the game.

If there are broken bones and torn ligaments,VNC Orthopedic Clinic, the best sports injury facility in Jayanagar, Bangalore. We’ll evaluate and determine your treatment, whether you need surgery or if the bone just needs to be set. Knee injuries are a very common injury at VNC Orthopaedic Clinic, and we treat every knee injury uniquely, so you get personalized care to get you back in the game.

Concussions need to be monitored and VNC Orthopaedic Clinic will recommend a Knee evaluation to determine if the knee has sustained injuries.

Remember practice makes perfect, and the more perfect form and stances you take in your sport, will help prevent sports injuries.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding injuries, please don’t hesitate to call VNC Orthopaedic Clinic. Contact us or call +91 9482583335 to schedule a consultation with our Expert Dr. Nithin Vadlamudi.